Laminate Underlayment - Installation Basics

The success of the interior design largely depends on choosing the right material for every space. Not every material fit well in every outer surface hence it is crucial to invest some time before choosing the material so that you can expect both good feel and look from your investment. Over the past few years, the use of compact laminate for wide range of application such as commercial restroom cubicles, bathroom partitions, school furniture, lab furniture, worktops, countertops, lockers, swimming pool, etc. is increasing by leap and bound. Compact laminate is the perfect choice for the high traffic areas such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, shopping center, hotels, restaurant, etc. where durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal is desirable.

Focus on quality

Apparently, the quality of the material is related to its durability. Everyone wants material which is long lasting and easy to clean and care. During the manufacturing process of compact laminates strict process control parameters are utilized. The extensive and hi-tech production process makes compact laminates one of the sturdiest and most stable surfacing materials which can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. Although cost is an important deciding factor but it is always advisable to choose quality over price otherwise you might have to spend on replace or repair of the material.

Immensely popular

Compact laminate is cost effective, durable, environmentally-friendly and comes in wide range of colors. Some of the reasons to choose compact laminate over other options such as acrylic, plastic, stone surface materials, etc.

  • Resistance to abrasion, water and fire.
  • Excellent hygiene properties.
  • Resistance to harmful chemicals and organic solvents.
  • Simple and quick assembly with no adhesive required
  • Support Environmental Sustainability

Evaluate reputation

Before choosing any compact laminate manufacture go through the website and get relevant information such as range of colors and design offered, product application, project reference,  installation support, etc. and then take informed decision.