There are actually fertility problems, you should usually consult your doctor or gynecologist for an initial examination.Your gynecologist can refer you to a fertility center for additional examinations or to dig deeper.

At what time should you consult a fertility specialist?

After your doctor or gynecologist has performed the basic tests (complete blood test with hormonal determinations, sperm analysis, postcoital test, basal temperature curve), he will refer you to a fertility center if he fails to find the cause of your problem.

  • A number of gynecologists are specialized in this domain. They have more experience to complete the tests and conduct further examinations for the greatest possible chance of a pregnancy.
  • This specialty combines the skills of classical gynecology with training in endocrinology of reproduction and infertility.
  • These specialists can treat both men and women. They work in a hospital or a center that specializes in infertility. We recommend that couples check in advance which procedures and treatments are covered by their insurance.

IVF fertility center

An IVF fertility center bundles all the competencies needed to help you realize your family project in one single place. The multidisciplinary teams consist of specialized doctors, specialized nurses, psychologists, embryologists and social workers.

The MBV center offers all the latest techniques for the treatment of infertility. It has a laboratory that specializes in manipulating ovocytes, sperm and embryos. You can check this website  and come up with the best details about the specialists now.

Other specialists

Other specialists are also available during the analysis and treatment phases. If the fertility problem lies with the man, then it is possible to appeal to a specialist in male infertility: an urologist or andrologist. In certain cases the opinion of a geneticist will be requested.

Prior to your decision to have your fertility problem treated, you have usually been through a long and difficult period. The examination and treatment with an unfulfilled desire for children is also often experienced as a burden. Our goal is optimal treatment with personal attention to your situation.

Even though we are a large fertility center, we work with a small team that is involved in your situation. And most importantly: we are fully committed to maximizing your chances of becoming pregnant.

If getting pregnant does not work, it brings uncertainty and sadness. We understand this within our fertility center. That is why we try to give you clarity as quickly as possible about:

  • Why you are not yet pregnant
  • How great your chance of a spontaneous pregnancy is
  • If and how you can be treated

From diagnosis to treatment

Investigations are required to make the correct diagnosis. If you have already been examined elsewhere, it is often not necessary to repeat these (often annoying) studies. The sperm examination is an exception. We always conduct this research ourselves (again). In addition, additional tests may be needed to be able to choose the right treatment.