It doesn’t matter if you design interiors or you’re a restaurant owner with a specific idea of what you’re looking for, this post is here to answer your questions about table bases and to help you make the best table base choice.

Table Base Finishes

You can either find natural metal table base or polished (stainless steel, aluminum, for example) or color powder-coat. Most available bases are powder-coated, often black; this is because the bases do not stand-out and conflict with the look of the chairs and tabletops.

Powder coating is usually of a hard finish than conventional paint. One popular finish is chrome, and sometimes, you can find matt chrome. Wooden bases can either be painted or stained.


All pedestal bases are made up of a base plate, a column, and a spider. And each plays a crucial role in maintaining balance and support for the top.

The base plate size ought to be large enough to support the top and also heavy enough if it will support heavy tops; it has to be small enough also to allow access or your foot.

Table Height

Consider the round bar height table base (โต๊ะ ขา แชมเปญ, which is the term in Thai); a dining table usually has a top surface of around 760mm. Tables should be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate dinners, and allow them to cross their legs freely.

The arms of armchairs have to fit under the table top to allow pushing them in.

Table Base Storage

To aid storage, some bases are designed with flip top mechanisms to enable the top to fold down (taking fewer room), and usually, the base plate design, lets the tables to nest nicely. The bases are often for outdoor use, enabling tables to be stored safely during the winter.