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There are lots of aspects that identify the length of time it “needs to” to edit a product image:

  • Where will the photos be utilized? Each network, platform, etc., has its own demands in regards to size, background, layout, as well as more. If you’re only prepping photos for one network, this is going to be quicker than prepping for 10 separate uses.
  • How great is the original shot? The better the quality of the original picture, the less edits you’ll require to do.
  • What types of edits are required? If you’re only resizing, this will be an easier procedure than retouching, getting rid of background, as well as including drop shadow to every image separately. And clipping paths on photos with hair are time-intensive than straight lines like with a table as well as chairs, as an example.
  • What’s your experience with image editing? If you’re simply getting going with Photoshop, you’ll run into a knowing contour and will be slower than someone that has invested years grasping the program.

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For how long does it require to modify product images?

Basically: It depends. We ran a study on our internet site for a couple of weeks. Of 130 participants, 24% claimed they spend under 5 minutes per image. The second-biggest team at 20% spends greater than a half hour enhancing and editing each picture, the contrary end of the range. Around 18% reported 6 to 10 minutes, while 15% spend twenty-one minutes to half an hour per picture as well as 12% invest 11 to 15 minutes or 16 to 20 minutes.

It takes a professional editor as well as their team roughly an hour to modify one product image. For a whole set of 100 images, it’ll take upwards of 150 hours. The photos are striking as well as comprehensive, essential to showcase the quality of the product.