If you are an online entrepreneur, your top goal is to generate more and more leads. You can worry about converting those leads into sales later but your first top most priority is to generate leads as much as you can. Because if you know you can convert 1%, then 1% of 100 is just 1 but 1% of 10000 is 100. So the more leads you generate the more chances will be there for you to make a sale.

Organic traffic is good but not sufficient

Increase your Web ranking[Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] through SEO and attract traffic from Google is also a good way to get some traffic. But the traffic you get from Google has some flaws.

  • It is hard to convert this traffic. Most of the visitors are not buyers. They are just searching for a solution to their problem. Once their problem gets solved, they leave.
  • They are not interested in your product. They just came to find a solution and most probably they want a free solution rather than buying some product.

How paid advertising is different

Social media marketing is a handier tool if you want to generate some decent leads. If you post an ad on a social media platform like Facebook, it gets visible to only those people who have shown interest in a similar product or service. From these people only those who are interested in your product will click on your link. Either they would want to find more about your product or they just simply want to purchase it. The traffic you get through paid advertisement has a buyer’s mindset. They can be retargeted and can visit you again.

Pay per click

Best feature of posting these ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your link. So it is like a win-win situation.