Many men do not like to spend time on hair care. They want a magical tool that gives a quick and good effect. Therefore, representatives of the stronger gender believe in everything that they hear on TV. They buy expensive shampoos, hoping for a miracle. This is the wrong approach to business, because with the help of shampoos you can not solve all the problems.

Many men, leaving the shower, intensively wipe their heads with a towel. This is fundamentally wrong action. Wiping heavily, wet hair is easily damaged. During the drying process, it becomes tangled in the towels and breaks. Therefore, after the hygiene procedure, you need to reel up the hair with a towel, always in the direction of hair growth. Yes, such a procedure takes longer. But the result will be completely different. Hair will not be damaged and will not fall out. This is an important point that must not be forgotten.

Hair dryer is harmful as Barbers know in Midtown Barbershops. Hot air negatively affects the hair. Using improperly, the hair becomes dry and lifeless. Of course, hair drying with a hairdryer is a procedure that is mainly performed by women. But there are men who dry hair with a directed stream of heated air. If you are one of them, remember the simple rules. Then you can minimize the damage, done to your hair.

So: Keep the hair dryer at a great distance from the head (approximately 25 cm).

 Do not direct the flow of hot air at one point.

Move the hair dryer over the surface of the head.

Drying hair, use a comb and spray to protect the hair.

Thus, you will facilitate combing and protect the hair from the negative effects of heat.

Do not dry your hair to the end. Let them stay wet. This can prevent hair dryness.

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