So you have some old unwanted gold jewellery you would like to sell, how do you make sure that it looks more appealing to buyers? The best and simplest thing you can do is to clean it. When it comes to jewellery, whether you decide to sell gold jewellery online or to a brick-and-mortar establishment, presentation is important. So give your gold jewellery a good cleaning to make it look good and enticing.

Whilst pure gold doesn’t tarnish, one must remember that most of the gold is made of alloys. These are metals added to the gold to harden the metal so it can be formed into sturdy and durable jewellery. These metals that may be reactive to chemicals in cleaning solutions. This is why it is important that you havee special cleaning solutions formulated for the safe and effective cleaning of gold.

You don’t necessarily need some fancy, expensive, cleaning product to clean and keep your gold shining. There are a couple of simple steps you can take with products that are readily available in your home, like a dishwasher.

– Take a bit of dish detergent, dissolve it in warm water and then add a drop of ammonia.

– Apply this mixture with a soft toothbrush and brush clean.

– Rinse with some lukewarm water.

– Dry the jewellery with a soft towel.

Even though it maynot seem like it, gold is a actually a soft metal. Be careful when you brush yourgold jewellery. Don’t brush too hard and if you are going to air dry the jewellery, make sure the temperature of the air is low.

Whilst you can clean your gold jewellery with regular soap, you need to be selective. Some chemicals can tarnish gold. Normal soap will not damage gold, if it could easily do that then you wouldn’t shower with your gold jewellery on. It is still prudent and reasonable to remove gold jewellery when you take a shower. Most regular soaps won’t damage your gold but soap scum can accumulate on the jewellery itself. Remember too that most householdcleaningproductscontain Bleach or Chlorine which can discolour “gold” especially when it has beendissolved in warm water. The discoloration can be permanent.

You should also be careful when cleaning gold jewellery with gemstones. If you are not sure of how to clean such jewellery rather asks jeweller about the safest cleaning method for gold jewellery pieces with gemstones. This is because natural gemstones are usually enhanced after extraction which will require a special kind n how your jewellery should be cleaned. A jeweller will know the proper way to clean specific types of gemstones and also be able to check your jewellery for any damages. Silver, pearls and even costume jewellery needs bit of care to keep it’s sparkle.

When you sell gold jewellery that has been cleaned and has that extra shine it will be more appealing to gold buyers. Presentation goes a long way into getting people to give you a good price.