With the first two months of 2020 out of the way, the ice and snow that comes with Winter have started to melt. Before you know it, the sun will shine brightly in the skies and Spring has begun. Springtime brings with it better, warmer weather conditions which makes for a more comfortable drive, all day and night.

However, before taking your luxury car out for its first Springtime drive this year, there are a few Mercedes Benz tune up and maintenance steps that are required. Here are some checks that should be done to ensure the vehicle is ready for Spring:

#1: Tire Check And Replacement (If Needed)

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is equipped with winter or all-season tires, checking their condition every time the season changes should be at the top of the list. All winter tires should be replaced and rotated before being used on the road during Spring because they do not drive well on non-winter temperatures and roads.

All-seasons tires on the other hand should be checked if the treads are in good condition. If they are, a simple tire rotation will suffice.

#2: Oil Changes

The warmer the temperature, the higher and more the demand is needed from the engine to power the vehicle. This means it is important to check the car’s oil levels and replace it with new oil to mean the needs of the warm Spring weather. Skipping the oil change when the season changes will lead to a lot of engine problems in the near future.

#3: Checking And Replacing AC Filters

During the winter months drivers will more likely use the car’s heaters instead of its air conditioner. If this is the case, the air conditioner filter may have gathered a lot of dust and debris the last few months when they weren’t in use. As far as Mercedes Benz tune up needs, checking and replacing the AC filters is one that can easily be done and accomplished at home.

#4: Cleaning The Car’s Underbody

Driving on winter roads means that the underbody of the Mercedes Benz has been exposed to a lot of ice, salt, and melted snow. There is a good possibility that all these have built up on the underbody and relying on the warm weather to defrost the debris away isn’t enough.

Leaving the debris will lead to rusting and corrosion which will damage the vehicle severely. Make sure to drop by a car wash and specifically request for the cleaning of the car’s underbody.

Get The Right Parts For The Tune Up

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