In games of chance, as in slot machines and any activity, certain terms are used that can mean something more or less important in the context of the game. For this reason and so that when you learn to play these machines, you understand the words that you will find there or that are handled in the activity, here is a brief glossary of words that you should know. In the same way, you will find the definition of two types of words that directly integrate the word slots and can be confused when using them in the online slots game. These terms are for the pg slot.

Slots Game Word Definitions

In the middle of betting and specifically in the game of slots, you can hear terms such as maximum bets. Hold, house edge, among others that tell the game when its meaning is known.

As for the maximum bet term, this refers to the amount that is required to meet and thus achieve the big jackpot or prize.

  • Bote is another of the words commonly used, and that has variations.
  • So the word pot to dry is the bets’ reward to the winning player.
  • One of the variations of this is the progressive type jackpot. This can be defined as a jackpot or higher prize, and its progressivity indicates that it increases as the player loses.
  • There are also game variables among them. The most named is the bonus in which a small game is made to have profits or bonuses.
  • The hold refers to the amount of money you have when making the balance between the bet and the one that was won.
  • This function comes internal to the machines to know this data correctly.
  • One of the popular and least understood is the house edge. This term means the amount of money that results from subtracting the players’ winnings from the casinos’ winnings.
  • Another of the variants of the games is the term winner. This refers to the situation when a prize payout is obtained on one of the machines.
  • We can also hear variants in the word percentages. One of them is the payments, which says the level or volume of payments.
  • The percentage of the prize variation tells how much the machine pays in winnings.

Slots Vocabulary

Of the terms that contain this word is the word video. This refers to games that are for computers. It specifies the number of lines for payment that the slot machine has. With these definitions, you will surely better understand the game and context of these machines.