The feeling of jumping on a trampoline is second to no none. It provides a sense of danger and excitement at the same time. For most trampoline enthusiasts, it’s the feeling of flying momentary that hooks them to trampolines. Trampoline parks have become a popular attraction in recent years. It’s perfect for the occasion, and we have Matthew Davies who will show how to take your enjoyment one step further.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get Some Trampoline Socks – Trampoline socks are stretchable and prevent any damage to the soles of your feet. They also provide a grip so that you have better control while bouncing on the trampoline.

The rules on socks vary from one park to another. While some parks mandate their usage, others are more lenient and allow people to bounce bare feet. However, it is better to have a pair on you should the need arise. Some parks even sell them so if you forgot your pair, you could always buy one from the park as well.

  1. Stay Hydrated – Jumping on a trampoline counts as a rigid workout routine. People are having a good time and end up burning through a lot of calories and being sweaty. Such workouts can leave you dehydrated. Taking a break now and then to drink some water or fresh fruit juice perks you right up. It is also quite reinvigorating and will allow you to further enjoy your time spent on the trampoline.
  1. Try Stunts – Most parks have high-performance trampolines that can propel you up to 8 feet on air. Although not for everyone, if you are an adrenaline hungry individual, then you should definitely try out these trampolines. They usually have a ledge 6-8 feet high where you can land after the jump.

You will feel like flying the moment you leave the surface of the trampoline like a shuttle just taking off into space. It’s a great attraction, one you must try out if you intend to make the most out of your visit.

  1. Compete with Others – Although it’s no Olympic event, jumping on a trampoline requires significant skill. The range of stunts you can execute in mid-air is astounding. The next time you visit, keep an eye out for such crazy stunts, learn a few of them and show off to your friends and families. You can even make a light competition out of the whole thing by asking your peers to challenge you with their set of acrobatic skills.
  1. Wear Appropriate Clothes – The trampoline park isn’t a place to show off your fashion sense so dress accordingly. Nobody cares if you wear branded jeans or tops. You’re embarking on a stressful journey, so put on light clothes such as t-shirts, yoga pants, and athletic shorts. You’ll be jumping all over the place, so make sure you’re comfortable while doing. 


Some trampoline parks even let you host special occasions such as birthdays for your children. They also have a separate kiddy section for children to enjoy without injuring themselves. Diversify your visit to the trampoline park by following the tips mentioned by Matthew Davies in this article.