One of the most important advantages of owning a fishing ranch is water rights. When you find live water ranches for sale, the purchase price includes the river or creek’s bedrock. Property owners with several dozen acres of land that surround a waterway have exclusive rights to the water, and all the best standing spots up and downstream every day, no matter what time of day they want to cast a line. In Colorado, the law prevents floating access on private land which means not only can no one fish on your ranch without permission; they can’t even pass through on a boat. 

Why Prevent Boating Access Through Private Property?

Yes, you can allow boaters to pass through your land. But, there are a few reasons to think twice before being a friendly neighbor to everyone. No matter how plentiful your stream or river is, noise from boats will scare away fish. Even if someone is only passing through, a loud motorboat or group of people can ruin a days fishing. Also, motorboats can pollute the water reducing the number of fish. By restricting access, you can protect your property, waterways, and more than 35 species of fish in Colorado. While fishing is a natural right, with 6,000 miles of public streams, there are plenty of places for people who don’t own property with a live waterway to cast a line for the region’s catfish or the several species of trout found throughout Rocky Mountain state. 

Owners Don’t Have to Mark Lot Lines

The live water ranches for sale in Colorado don’t require border markers, “no trespassing” signs, or fencing. If you want, you can put up signs alerting anyone who’s wondering around that they are trespassing. However, Colorado law makes it the individuals responsibility to know if the waterway they are using is private. If someone is fishing illegally on private property, there’s no need to let it continue. Merely contact the authorities to deal with the issue and head out for the day to your favorite fishing spot. 

Water rights are just one of many benefits to owning land in Colorado with sparkling streams or fast-moving rivers. A private live water ranch with acres of untouched land offers owners a slice of heaven right in their backyard. Here owners Spend their free time fishing, boating, or floating along the water with none of the interruptions that occur with public recreational areas.