Now, if you have been searching for all this information, you may be thinking of buying one too. That is the reason, you are here. This small breed of domestic doggie is in-demand today. Moreover, with shrinking plots and apartments, most of you are looking for a lap dog. This is the one for you. However, you have got to know a few things about the Frenchie. You can also hear them being called by other names. That includes clown dog, frog dog, and so on.

You may have already identified the breed, with it round and big head and bat-like ears. They look funny, when sitting on their hind legs. They may be the cutest ones on this planet.

Structure And Colors

They are compact dogs with a wide bone structure. They are quite sturdy, so do not be fooled by their small size. They are identified by those wrinkles on their faces and flat muzzle. However, it is better to find some information about them from beforehand. You might have to spend a lot for their upkeep. They are family dogs, who cannot live without companionship. So, if you plan to leave them alone for the entire day, it is not your dog.

Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of different colors. Today, breeders can do just about anything. The coat color depends on the color of the father and the mother. You can find the most common ones that are brindle, fawn, black, and pied. Thought, that is not all. Today, you can learn about the wide variety of coats, this tiny dog may sport.

Your French Bulldog may be fawn. In fact, this is the most common color, that you would see today. They have a dark face and muzzle. The Brindle will be all dark-coated with white patches on their chest, neck, toes, and their head. They resemble a carpet. Moreover, in the dark people may have mistook them for one. Then, there is the tiger brindle. They resemble tigers, partially. The coat has lots of specks. Another common color, that you can spot today is the black one. The Brindle Pied Frenchie dog is another spectacle. They are so cute; you can’t stop but admire them. There are other rarer colors, like lilac, blue and chocolate. They are considered rare and exotic as well. Furthermore, they are highly priced. The colors can be attributed to some genetic disorders. You have to delicate with these rare ones.