Are you planning to buy a condo in the middle of the city (คอน โด กลางเมือง, which is the term in Thai)  or somewhere else for that matter? It is a big decision and an investment that requires several considerations. Of all things, investing in a bad condo is the last thing that you would want to do in the age where condo prices have witnessed a dramatic surge.

Here are a few signs to look for to determine if a condo is bad or the best for you.

Signs That Say The Condo Isn’t Right For You

Bad Online Reviews on the Condo

In this era of technology, nothing proves more effective than determining the real experiences of people who have already resided in the condo that you wish to own. Seeking reviews from ex-condo residents gives you a better picture of the property than the condo sellers in town. There are many condo review sites where you can read through the experiences of the people.

Faulty Condo Security

Understand the condo’s security property. See with how much ease can you enter the building. Try and understand with how much ease can someone access your unit via alternate means. Evaluate the quality of the job that your security guards are doing. In case the security staff isn’t seeking details from the guests who are trying to access the condo, then the likelihood of unfortunate circumstances increases twice.

Unattractive Elevator Appearance

Elevators can be seen to be the prime indicator of the condo’s quality. Vandalized or scratched elevators aren’t a sign of a good condo management team. The most concerning ones are the new buildings with elevators that appear like they have been undergone multiple years of service. 

Unsatisfactory Craftmanship

Many small things give hints of poor-quality craftsmanship, like ceiling cracks, drywall, gaps in between laminated floors, or ill-fitted doors which demands force to get closed. 

Inappropriate Floor Planning

If you have ever walked inside a condo and thought to yourself how the respective floor planning got approved, then the condo is a big no. The condos with floor planning that waste about half the proportion of the square footage on elongated corridors, have irregular corners where you are unable to put something, or the ones whose wardrobes cannot be accessed easily is the worst kind of condos.

While you must take into account all these points, your response to what you witness will differ according to your preferences. Hopefully, these tips will prove beneficial when you set out in search of a condo in the middle of the city.