Since French bulldogs are quite sensitive and prone to a number of diseases it is important for the owners to go for insurance.

Medical insurance

There is a lot of PET insurance available that helps the owners to cover the health cost of their pets. Owning a Frenchie dog is quite costly because of the diseases that come along with them. It is essential for the owners to ensure that the pet has been insured as early as possible preferably within one year. This needs to be done so that all their health problems are included within the insurance before any kind of genetic disorder appears.

Visit the vet

After ensuring that the French bulldog has been insured, the owner is required to take them for regular checkups. It is important for the dog to have a monthly checkup so that any kind of problem can be easily dealt with. This regular visit to the vet would ensure that if there is any kind of sign of any genetic disorder that can be treated as soon as possible. This will further help in avoiding any kind of complications in the later period of time. It is advisable to get the pet checked up before it is too late.


The owners of French bulldogs are also required to focus on proper medication. It is to be remembered that the medicines are the only thing that is able to ensure a healthy life for your Frenchie dog. Therefore it is important for the owner to get hold of all the required medicines and feed them from time to time. If required the owner can set an alarm clock according to which the dog is to be fed the medicines. When proper medication starts it becomes quite easy for the owners to ensure a healthy and happy life for their pet.

Proper diet

The owner is also required to focus on the diet of the dog. It is important for the job to have a proper diet in each season. It is to be remembered that the dog is prone to diseases in all seasons which makes it important for the owner to be always careful. In summer they should be fed food items that have a lot of water content in them so that they do not get hydrated easily. They should also be treated to ice candies to keep themselves cool. Similarly in winters, they should be treated to warm food.