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Home decoration is one of the most trending topics, and it will keep hitting your news feed forever. A home is a place of our comfort where we spend the most time of our life. Slowly and steadily as humankind evolved, shapes, designs, and furniture of homes also evolved. There was a time when homes in villages were decorated using items such as diyas and lanterns. Most of the homes in villages had floors that flourished with a mix of cow dung and soil. And it was the technique which is believed to keep the negative energies away from home. But now the time has changed and so has the way of decorating homes. Village homes don’t look like village homes any more.

Ways For Decorating Walls

When humans started making homes with concrete, the walls were decorated in different colours using distemper. You can buy different types of paints to decorate your home, and some brands claim that you can even wipe the dirt from the walls with a wet cloth if you use their paint. That’s also advancement in home decorating. After that, wall paints made it big in the market, wallpapers arrived, and they also received a warm welcome from the masses. Wallpapers are cheaper than paint and provide more eye-catching designs. They also provide the freedom of changing the look of your home’s wall easily and conveniently. Another item that most people use to decorate walls from both outside and inside under the budget is a tile. You can easily witness so many homes in your neighbourhood that uses tile for the texture and design of their homes’ walls. Well, there are expensive tiles, also in the market. And it becomes very easy to clean the walls if they are decorated or covered with tiles instead of paint.

Making It Beautiful With Furniture

What comes after is the furniture which keeps evolving every other month. From chairs to sofas to beds and lights, the trends only talk about the designer things. And it is very important to match the colour schemes so that everything comes together in a perfect and delightful way. Colour matching and contrasting are the two elements that won’t go anywhere when it comes to planning a colour scheme of the home. But right now, people are also investing money in quirky furniture along with some unique colour job on the walls. And it does look great if done with care.

With Natural Items

While talking about the art of home decoration, we can’t miss mentioning the natural items. There is a huge demand for indoor plants and flowers such as exotic orchids, mostly in urban areas, for using them as home decorating items. Plants add a touch of greenery and provide fresh air which results in improved health of the members living in that home. Using flowers helps in boosting creativity and keeping the mind calm. Some people have also created small gardens on their balconies.

Art of decorating homes is not only about the look but also focuses on health, convenience, and money-saving!