Keeping airport runways free and clear of debris is extremely important. As a result, it’s a necessity to rely on machines to clean and clear airport runways and taxiways. Airport sweepers are essential tools that help achieve this. Without these vital tools, anything left on the runway becomes a potential problem for airplanes and can cause serious damage. In fact, items as small as metal screws can be damaging if they are run over or sucked up by powerful jet engines. This is the primary reason why these effective tools are a vital part of airport safety on a daily basis. 

Vacuum & Mechanical Sweepers

Airport sweepers function in a variety of different ways. For example, vacuum sweepers remove debris and foreign objects in the same way that vacuum cleaners clean a carpet or floor. They work well in dusty settings because they effectively get rid of excess dust and debris. Some vacuum sweepers come with small brushes that clean small cracks as well. Mechanical sweepers are also effective at removing runway debris. However, these machines function differently from vacuum sweepers. They are similar to brooms in that they utilize brushes that mechanically sweep trash from cracks and other areas. The collected trash is then swept into a central trash bin. 

The FOD BOSS Sweeper/ Friction Mat Sweeper

All airport sweepers aren’t created equal, however. Vacuum sweepers are slow as well as heavy and cause damage to runway pavement.  Mechanical sweepers create dust and leave small particles behind. Plus, both the brushes and bristles break and add to the debris. In addition, vacuum and mechanical sweepers require a special license, perform poorly in wet conditions, have a limited warranty, and are expensive to maintain. However, the Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Boss Sweeper or friction mat sweeper uses a combination of brushes to collect trash and other objects. This type of sweeper utilizes a debris collection mat that can be pulled with any type of vehicle and is both portable and maintenance free. Plus, this type of sweeper can pick up almost everything on the runway, regardless of moisture conditions and debris size. These sweepers are also fast, easy to use, inexpensive, and work without vacuums or motors. 

Keeping airport runways free and clear of debris is extremely important when it comes to airport safety. Even the smallest of objects left on the runway can cause accidents and compromise safety. This is why it’s essential that every attempt to clear and clean a runway is handled using the right tools and methods for the effective clearing of the airport runway.