Both small and large businesses have an array of options when it comes website, mail server, and web applications hosting options. Some of these options include VPNs, PaaS platforms, cloud serves, and so on.  The most popular option, and in most cases the cheapest, is shared hosting. This is where several websites share a single server’s resources. In this post, we discuss why small businesses should opt for a dedicated hosting service.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is one rented by a company or individual for their exclusive use. In simple terms, you pay a provider a certain amount of money to rent a physical server which only you use.

Here’s why you should use a dedicated server:

1. Security

According to a recent news article, 53% of the businesses in the U.S. experienced cyber-attacks in 2016. This is because access to the server by various people increases the chances of data infiltration, interception, and even loss. This is a problem that can easily be prevented by using a dedicated server as you have complete control of your firewall settings. Therefore, you can easily increase your website’s security and access control. 

2. Better performance and reliability

Businesses and individuals that use a shared server also share the other resources such as its speed. This impacts its overall performance and reliability. Not having to share these resources by using a dedicated server boosts the speeds and performance. A dedicated server is particularly handy for businesses with heavy applications.

3.  Flexibility and customization

With a dedicated server, you can control its environment and customize its disk space, CPU, and RAM to suit your needs. You also have the discretion to upgrade its operating system and platform to suit future expansion needs. 

4. It is cost effective

Although cloud servers are often cheaper, they offer way less when it comes to the number of clients they can serve at a go. If you need a server but do not have the resources or time to manage it yourself, a dedicated server is the best option. This is because your service provider handles the expenses of construction and maintenance of the server equipment.  

5. You have a unique IP address

All the users in a shared server share a similar IP address. This implies that if one site is blacklisted, it could affect the rest particularly when it comes to web ranking. This is not a problem you’ll come across when using a dedicated server. 

When choosing a dedicated hosting service provider, you need to know whether it suits your needs. Some of the reasons you may need to use it are; if you run an e-commerce site, if you are hosting a website, emails or heavy applications, or storing sensitive data. 

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