Sex, is a heavy loaded term to many, as much as many people are often offended to utter it in public. Although the societyhas progressed a lot in terms of technology and physical comfort, our culture and ethics have been flushed down to the toilet centuries ago; a country of hippie culture, rape, sexual abuse and Tik-Tok users can never compare themselves to the culture of the European renaissance or to the Greek civilization. Both of these two times valued the education as the primary notion of mankind rather than just worshipping capitalistic pursuits.

The modern society is a living breathing place of crimes and all the sexually deferred men filled with pity and depression are essentially purging them out by choosing younger prays, so to say that they are turning into monsters that look for child abuse and sex. And in case, you are looking for an example, look no further than Walter Babst. Babst is used to a reputed maths teacher in a high school.

In spite of being 43 years of old and a father, a husband, Walter made a sexual move to one of the underage teenager, denoting the sexual and mental aberration that this society breeds. The case of Walter is not unique, but in fact, is so common that it is no longer shocking news. We are facing situations where things like these are really common and hence the importance of sex education becomes a priority where kids will have to defend for themselves.

Sex and the Pornography:

One of the dynamic evolutions that came in the last few decades is the triviality of sex. Before, sex used a great taboo and if anyone was willing to have perverted sex, then he would have to go to some prostitution centre and hire a lady for himself. But in the last few decades, the virtual industry of pornography has grown in a queer fashion and the expectations from both the partners have grown in a natural manner.

Pornography is not real, it is edited, most of the times they are drugged, they take the help of several surgeries so that it will sell in the market. The variations and queerness of sex make men or women far more excited than usual. But as always, every drug has a potion limit and when a user exceeds it, he or she is in want of more. So, then one dives into the vicious circle of bondage sex and even child pornography, where sex is no longer a rationale bodily function but a way to abuse one another.

Apart from that both the men and women enjoy it on a diabolic level and there is simply no escape from this until they start to comprehend this intellectually. The things they see in the virtual world, they want to mimic in real life and that creates several problem. Thus an unrealistic sexual expectation creates violence and when it pours out on the light, we get characters like Babst!