Traveling by bus is one of the most underrated ways of travelling. This is because we live in a society that uses transportation to get from point A to point B. But there’s a breed of traveler out there that wants to take in the sights and see the country for the beauty and majesty that it provides. Bus travel allows you to see the vast landscape changes and even meet some of the best characters you would have never gotten the chance to meet. 

Here, we’ll cover two popular bus travel types and what they may include. Remember that every mode of travel has its trials. There’s a lot of benefits as you’ll soon find out to bus travel apart from the economic ones. 

Bus companies in md and bus travel in general is not what it used to be:

Bus travel used to have a stigma of sorts. Old Greyhound buses with carbon marks on the steely exterior. Only those who sought the most inexpensive mode of transport, would board the bus for that long haul through the night. Oh, the stories they could tell you about where they were going and why. Back in the day, it was all about the raw adventure. 

For those that aren’t so much into that “raw experience” today, bus travel is more modern. In fact, it’s high-tech. You can work, charge all your tech gear and even make a video on YouTube while you travel. They’ve got all the mod cons and more.

Charter Buses

For those that want a day trip or even something for a private party such as weddings, you can charter a bus for yourself. Call bus companies in md and they’ll custom design you a trip. For some, get a quote but for others they have standard rate packages. 

Charter means you either won’t be sharing with anyone you don’t know or you’ll be paying for only yourself and arriving with other people going to one specific destination. This is a round-trip deal. There’s food and refreshments with the trip. Each company is different so you must inquire.

Luxury Bus Lines

If you associate bus travel with physical discomfort but love all the positives about bus travel, you’re in luck. There’s a luxury bus line with beautiful, comfy leather seats that you can sleep like a baby in. If you’re in the BosWash area which is the area between Boston, Washington, Maryland and can include New York there are companies like Vamoose Gold that will take you between NYC and Washington D.C.. A flexible ticket, complimentary water and Wifi and a smooth and comfortable ride is at your service. 

There are several choices in that area that expand to include Delaware and surrounding areas. Most luxury buses include that which we already mentioned plus free streaming if you like on board entertainment.

Red Coach First Class is the primary line for Luxury Coaches in Florida and the surrounding border states. All of the same standard amenities are included plus you may check 2 bags and have one carry on free of charge with your ticket.

Chicago has one of the best looking coaches called M&M coaches. With blue mood lighting and seats that face each other in pairs. It feels like a rolling lounge. Water, TV, bar service and a wait attendant makes travel a breeze. 

You can find similarities in Georgia and in the South West.

Standard Bus Travel

Standard bus travel is for the US, Greyhound. They are modern buses with most of what we listed above available. Both types of bus travel offer a few attractive benefits.

Faster and less expensive than the train.

Less expensive than flights without TSA awkwardness and long-line stress.

Comfortable ride that allows you to see the country and meet interesting people.

More flexible tickets than the train or flying.

Bus travel is enriching and an opportunity to make memories because you can take pictures and post them along the way. You can blog and travel vlog with no rush, yet, it’s faster than the train. Bus travel makes your dream vacation affordable too.