Are you a foreign professional who is thinking about applying for Singapore permeant residence (PR)? If so you would probably have already heard of the high rejection rates that applicants face. Yes, the PR application process in Singapore is not an easy one and rightfully so as the government is keen only to admit those who can make tangible contributions to both the economy and society.

While the premise and barrier to entry is clear to most applicants, it is in the actual testing that they slip up. As such, this article has been crafted to give first time applicants an edge during their application process. 

The PR Application Interview

It is true that the majority of applicants are rejected due to a failure to submit the exact documents requested or due to errors and inconsistencies in their documents. However, there are also many who are unable to pass the mandatory interview. 

For starters, we strongly advise you to avoid being late and to show up early so that you can be in the best state of mind when entering the interview. Showing up late for the interview may be held against you as it may viewed as unreliability on your part.

Tips for the PR Application Interview

Firstly, you should spend time prior to the interview reading on Singapore trivia. During the interview, you may be asked a few questions on Singapore’s history or current affairs. These questions are meant to determine the seriousness and commitment of the applicant. As such, your knowledge of both past and present Singapore would strongly aid your case. 

Secondly, you should aim to demonstrate your current and future intended contributions to society. Since your documentation would have covered much of your employment and relevant skillsets, it is your soft traits that need to be brought out during the interview. As such, you should take the chance to discuss your life in Singapore as well as the charitable contributions that you have made. In particular, you should highlight the time and effort that you spent volunteering for causes in Singapore. 

Hiring the Right PR Application Agency

Hiring an apply Singapore PR agency would go long ways towards improving your application. Good agencies will be able to prepare you for the application interview, pointing out areas of weakness in your application and how you can present your best case to the authorities. 

Another benefit of hiring a good PR application agency is that they will ensure that all your documents are submitted correctly, thus giving you the best shot of achieving success on your first attempt. Furthermore, you can find out about more common mistakes or reasons for application rejections from them.