In the present day, it is essential to hold an insurance policy to protect your car and safeguard its riders against disasters or any such undesired occurrences. The ideal thing you can do to protect your car is to maintain an auto insurance cover. The number of unexpected deaths is high in India due to frequent street accidents which support having four wheeler insurance.

What is car insurance? It is an agreement between the car owner and an insurance company wherein the policyholder receives insurance coverage against any losses occasioned to a third party, the driver and the car in return for a premium every month. The premium that you have to pay in return of the insurance is determined by the age of your car, its registered stated value, model of the car and age of the policyholder.

Insurance companies in India offer two types of car insurance policies

  • Third-party liability cover: This car insurance is compulsory for every car owner to hold and it protects against damages caused to any third party due to accidents or any such unwanted incidents.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover: This car insurance policy provides coverage to the damages caused to you and any third party.

The appeal method for third party accountability

In case of third-party damage caused by you, get in touch with your company for the third-party claim immediately. The insurance company will negotiate with the third party for a favorable settlement acceptable for both sides, without the involvement of a court. In case of death caused to anyone belonging to the third party, the claim will, however, be settled by the court.

Provide your Third-Party Insurance claim notice along with your driving license, RC book, and FIR. After assessing your claim and paperwork and investigating the incident, the insurance company will calculate the possible damage.  A lawyer will be appointed to you by the insurance company and if the court orders to pay compensation for the third-party damages, the insurance company will pay the required amount to the third party.

The claim process for damages to your car

In the case of damages to your car, contact the insurance company directly after the accident has occurred. You can download the claim application form from the official website of your security providing company or their most proximal branch office, if any, in your locality. Submit a correctly filled and signed claim application to the insurer and all the necessary papers to verify your claim.

Once the formalities are done, you can take your car for repairs. Meanwhile, your insurance providing company will appoint a surveyor to determine the damages caused to your car and will submit a report of that to the company. A copy of that report will be given to you as well based on which you will have your car repaired.

Manage your bills and other essential papers from the garage and present them to the designated surveyor after your car has been fixed. It will eventually be submitted to the insurance corporation. Once all the paperwork is reviewed, your car restoration charges will be reimbursed to you.

Never keep things pending

Don’t linger in registering your claim if no physical damages have transpired due to collisions. In those circumstances, the insurance provider is ordinarily considerate. It is recommended to avoid any undesirable impediments. Claiming your coverage as early as possible gives you quick returns. You should, however, provide the following information to your insurance provider:

  • Policy number
  • Name and contact number.
  • Number of vehicle
  • Vehicle Model
  • Time, date and location of the accident.

Ensure having the vital documents

Insurance companies work on some set rules and if you fail to submit all relevant documents, it might create needless hindrances in your way to claim your insurance. Make sure, you maintain the following receipts:

  • Verify Driving license
  • Original registration certificate
  • Duly filled &signed claim form
  • Documents like medical expenditures, and police FIR.

For further information, you can call your insurance providing company on their toll-free number.

Before you decide to fill your claim form, go through the policy document given on their official website. Don’t hesitate to call them up in case of any inquiries. Filling the form properly in the first instance reduces any further hassles. Follow these points to have a secured insurance policy for your vehicle.