We regularly clean the visible surface of house like windows, floors, walls etc. but we don’t pay much attention to the places where water is flooding or pipes leak. These problems can lead to moisture which can cause the mold to grow. Mold requires moisture and oxygen to grow but not light. They can even grow on paper and wooden products and on tiles. It is found both indoor and outdoor in hot and humid temperature. There is many a mold inspection company that use special equipments like remote cameras, non-penetrating moisture meter for the places which are not easily accessible to test moisture, humidity and mold levels. 

If mold is there in your house they will have the solution to rectify it. To get rid of mold, you can choose the services of Mold testing Bay Area because they are fully insured, certified and offer the best service.

Services provided by the mold inspection company

Indoor air quality: If you are not breathing in clean and fresh air you may fall sick. Indoor air is contaminated with a lot of things but if there is mold issue, you can have problems like sneezing, coughing, irritation in eyes, skin and throats, odor of moulds etc. So, you should regularly clean your house, vacuum your carpets and clear your ac ducts. 

Mold inspection: Firstly, visual inspection is done to check out where the mold is growing or from where the smell of mould is coming. For this humidity detector, thermal imaging cameras are used. You can find them on the walls, ceilings, furniture etc. 

Moisture reading: Identify the content of moisture in the air, wooden furniture or masonry. Electronic moisture reading is easy to use as it directly shows the content of moisture of air in percentage. 

Mold infestation: If you don’t identify the infestation, mold will continue growing and will cover all the areas that are affected by dampness and humidity. You can identify if they grow on the surface but if they are not visible you can do indoor air quality test and seal the area to prevent it from further growth.