There have been many innovations and new tools like a wallet or cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for crypto coins. However, one of the most prominent ones are ICOs.

Here’s a list of the TOP 5 ICOs to take a look at!


BeeToken is ruled by Jonathan Chou, who is experienced in the Security and Fraud in Uber. Other members of BeeToken team have experience from a very high level companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. The platform is expanding to five big US cities, after which it may appear in cities such as London, Seoul, Singapore. It will also let other Dapps to be established for making it more available to possible foundation for other services.

BeeToken is a blockchain that is intended to create effectiveness for home-sharing market by allowing short-term renters to cooperate with the Beenest platform directly, without other individuals interference. BeeToken is willing to provide more convenient cost compared to sites like VRBO, AirBNB and others.

Beenest Platform users can send tokens to a payment with smart contracts, which will send the tokens to the required address on the check-out date if no misunderstandings or problems occur. In case of an unexpected cancellation the smart contracts fine owners and also charge the tenants for breaking the terms of their contracts.

Stack. This is a personal and private financial platform that includes mobile tap for more usefulness. One of the benefits of Stack is that it has a multi-currency wallet which is comfortable for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Besides, Stack provides free services such as account activation, purchases, card delivery, wage deposits. Stack has started collaboration with MasterCard which provides interaction with traders and provides security on every transaction. It lets the use of the mobile app or prepared card for making crypto purchases. STK cardholders have the chance to make purchases and have access to worldwide network.

Bluzelle. Bluzelle was founded in 2014 by Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka. The project is targeted at Dapp developers who are obtaining blockchain-based apps, also individuals who are able to provide calculating resources like CPU, hard drive storage, memory and network bond in order to have an effective and qualified swarm network.

It has a purpose to provide a decentralized database for worldwide apps and for making the locating process easy and accessed on the database it focuses on storing small and fixed size data fields. Bluzelle can store small pieces of data on nodes or swarms which are located worldwide. Nodes and swarms remove any failure that can show up.

Spectre Coin. This one is also a popular ICO. It works in an interesting secret way which burnt many arguments, debates in the market but it won the trust of investors. The secretly working system is that it allows investors to transfer and accept coins anonymously, that is without showing their identity. As a result of this technique, the team of this ICO stays undercover.

STORJ. Storj is also becoming quite well known as it has blockchain-based cloud storage ability which offers inexpensive, quickly and safe coins. Users have the opportunity to buy HD space for the currency. The Storj is smoothly hitting a record with users and achieving the top of $30.000.000 in a few days. Tokens are constantly rising.

QTUM. This is an open source platform that is fully focused on decentralized apps. Smart contracts platform is the first in the world that operates proof-of-stake. The value of this ICO has reached 6400%.

When dealing with ICOs you can apply the cryptocurrency tracker that can help you greatly and for using it properly visit this informative cryptocurrency portfolio management guide.