The slot games were in the great popularity among the individuals from the last few decades. But the introduction of the online slot games had lead to great interest among the individuals. There are various websites such as live22, which offers you a wide range of slot games that you can choose according to your suitability. The main reason for the popularity of these games is that there are very less time consuming and you can attain very productive payouts from these games so please have the use of them.

The following are the different types of slots you can have on online slot websites.

Three-reel slot machines

There are the most popular types of slot machines which you have even used in the conventional types of slot machines. The main feature of these slot machines offered on the website of live22 is that you have to play on the three reels. The amazing part is that they can be played at very fewer pot limits, but you will also receive the very fewer payouts as compared to the other slot machines. The three-reel slots are best for the players who have just started playing the online slot games.

Five online reel slots

This is a little complex type of slot machine in which there is less probability of winni9ng the slot game. And you have to even more money as the pot limit to get involved in these slot machines. These are one of the most popular types of slot machines that have a huge demand among the players on the live22 online slot application. You will get 10 to 50 pay lines in this type of slot game, which is comparatively very high according to various games available in the market.

Bonus slot

These are the type of slot machines which are not used by the people who by the players who have just started playing the slot games. Mainly you will get the choice of the five reels or seven steel in these type of slot achiness. People like to play on these slot games when they are in need of getting the bonuses or rewards. They are a bit costlier as compared to the other slot games. If you are trying to play something amazing, then this is something very best on the live22 online slot game. The players who are able to win these bonus slot games they are directly transferred to the bonuses match where the level of the slot games becomes high.

Progressive slots

 This is the trendiest type of slot that has earned huge popularity among the players on the live22 website. It is true that you have to pay a high amount of pot-limit to get involved in this game. But you can surely win millions of dollars by getting involved in these games. You need to make sure that the maximum wager is necessary to get involved in the online slot games.