As an automotive franchise business owner, you will be able to get up close and personal with some of the most unique and interesting custom and classic vehicles out there. When you begin the process of becoming a franchisee, it will be necessary to complete our auto appraiser training so that you are ready to give your clients the most accurate appraisals on their vehicles. 

With your experience in the automotive field and your relationships in the local market, the auto appraisal training we provide you with help you do more than perform just an accurate appraisal. We’ll show you how to market and provide our appraisal services that are highly detailed and accurate. 

You’ll demonstrate to your clients that you are a professional appraiser when you provide a comprehensive detailed appraisal that incorporates high-resolution photographs, detailed notes, and a bound and digital copy of the report. You’ll know how to carefully examine each part of the vehicle, to look for damage, mechanical/cosmetic problems, and more. 

We will provide you with access to our database of comparable sales so that you can use your experience and the latest sales data on similar vehicles to arrive at an accurate determination of the vehicles’ worth. 

Additionally, we will help you test market our services in your area, and we’ll give you training and certification when you finish. You’ll have exclusive rights to market and offer our services in your area. You’ll get support from our company in the form of our experience, solid reputation, national advertising, and website presence. 

Even better, your reports are centrally processed, and we offer corporate marketing support. We have a call center with a toll-free number for support, and we also offer report distribution, credit card processing, digital technology and updates to do your work easily, and vehicle research information.

Our training covers several topics, including an overview of our business, setup of equipment, software training, marketing, customer service, operations, photography, research/inspection/photography/process review of stock and custom vehicles, basic computer training (if you need it), and much more. 

Auto appraiser training is essential to doing great appraisal work, and we are proud to offer you a significant amount of training and support to help you get your business off the ground and to help it thrive. We look forward to partnering with you to creating a successful appraisal business.