When it comes to Software Requirements Specification – we can find several definitions of it. On the basis of which we can define the “good” specification, and identify deficiencies in the work. It should be remembered that the goal is not to describe the technical characteristics, but to create a good product, and good software. In order to write a good Specification for software, you must have a good specification for the system. However, in most cases, when developing small systems for both specifications, the same template can be used.

Advantages of the proper requirement description

Another standard, defines the benefits of good requirements. It ensures the primary demands of an agreement between the suppliers, and customers about what a software product should do. The requirements will help potential users to understand how this product meets their needs, or how to change the product to suit their needs.

Reduces development effort

The preparation of requirements forces various interested groups in the customer’s organization to carefully consider all requirements before designing and reduces the amount of re-design, programming and testing. A thorough analysis of the requirements may reveal flaws, ambiguities and contradictions in the early stages of the development cycle, when these problems are easier to solve.

Creates a framework for evaluating cost and timing

The description of the product being developed, presented in the technical requirements, is a practical basis for assessing the value of the project. And, it can be used to approve the budget or estimate the cost.

Provides the basis for monitoring and receiving work

Organizations can develop their recruitment plans more productively. As part of the development contract, the ToR provides a basis for verification of compliance with requirements.

Simplifies transmission

The requirements make it easier to deliver software to new users or install on new machines. Thus, it is easier for the customer to transfer the software to other departments of the organization, and the supplier – to deliver it to new customers.

For a software to be developed, having required budget, manpower, skills, marketing plans are not the only thing you will need. Without a proper software specification how will you address the usability of the software to the consumers? For any project to become a success, they need a specification. It is nothing but a detailed platform which knows the requirements. For each project the specifications are different. But, you must have one to get success.