Thus, a bookmaker who takes a margin of 5% on a bet has two issues will offer you a rating of 1.9. If you combine two of these odds with 1.9 you will get a rating of 3.61. This rating would have been 4 (2 x 2) if the bookmaker did not take any margin. For the same bet, the bookmaker will have taken a margin of (1 – 3.61 / 4) x 100 = 9.75% vs 5% if you had taken this bet in singles.

This is why 토토 site bookmakers do everything to encourage the tipsters to place handsets (promotions, highlighting on the social networks of winning handsets). But, do not fall for the trap, it will lead you to your loss.

Bookmakers do everything to encourage punters to play handsets

Specialize in a sport

The best thing to beat the bookmakers is to specialize in a niche sport . As the ARJEL limits the sports and competitions on which we can bet in France, the choices are limited.

However, it is still possible to specialize on unsung sports like women’s basketball, women’s handball, the Magnus hockey league, sevens rugby. The main disadvantage of niche sports is that ratings fluctuate rapidly. These are small markets and a big bet can have a big impact on the odds. If you follow a bettor specializing in a sport of this type, you will have to be very lively!

If you do not have the motivation or the time to spend in one of the niche sports listed above, focus on one or two championships that you are used to watching. This involves watching a maximum of meetings, read the trade press, consult the fan forums. All this will allow you to take over bookmakers because you will have more information than them.

How to win at sports betting

  • Women’s basketball is a niche sport on which odds move very fast.
  • Manage your bankroll
  • How to manage your bankroll

Manage your sportsbook bankroll

Before starting in sports betting, each bettor must build a bankroll that corresponds to the amount he is willing to engage in sports betting. The proper management of your bankroll is essential. In addition to the strategies given above, it is thanks to this that you can become a winning bettor.

It is strongly recommended that you never commit more than 8% of your bankroll per forecast. Indeed, if you bet more, in case of bad series, you will put in danger your bankroll. Thus, if you have a bankroll of € 1,000, you will not bet more than € 80 per forecast.

After a losing bet, you should never seek to redo you quickly by betting without thinking. You must still do less “all in” as many beginners do after a series of losing bets. On the contrary, do not deviate from your strategy and do not hesitate to let several days before your next prognosis, just to have clear ideas again.