Recently, the online photo editor PicMonkey announced its redesign. The website already shows new filters and more options to improve images.

What options do you have to edit graphics? PicMonkey offers a powerful editor that allows you to modify an image, a portrait photo, or create a banner or meme. Also, it also has a platform for collages, like the ones detailed here

  1. Photo Editor

In the first tab (Basic Edits), you can cut, rotate, change the exposure or colors, add shadow or resize. The Effects tab has more than 30 effects for photos such as black/white, sepia, soften, radiant, focused, drawing, curves, etc.

The Touch-up tab is for portrait images. Most of the effects are paid. Among the free ones are Blemish Fix (to uniform the skin), Blush Boost (to add blush), Teeth Whiten (to whiten teeth), Eye shadow (to add color to the eyelids), and many more.

The Overlays tab allows you to add brushes in various ways. There are more than 40 options, but you can also add some images from the PC. The Frames tab offers ten different frames for the image, such as Polaroid, Museum, Craft, etc.

  1. Choose The Size

With PicMonkey, you can determine the size of your photo with three default options. The Jack option is 3 megapixels, Bubbles is 7 megapixels, and King Kong is 16 megapixels.

To save the file on your computer, click Save.

  1. Collages Editor

The editor of collages has no outstanding news. To use it, click on Collage on the main page and choose the photos you want to edit.

You can add more images in Open Photos. In the Layouts tab, you can create a template or choose one by default. There are nine models. To save, click on Save.