Are you planning to buy any type of property or commercial land in the city, than you will be struggling to find answers to a number of questions. So, here we have discussed some important facts that can help you to a certain extent. Read on to know in detail about few things that are related with UK’s real estate and have been discussed for a long. 

FSJ Real Estate is always in discussions due to the related unexpected things happening all the time.  Every year we can trace a mixfull of different events that might have shocked you and me. There were many simultaneous activities in the market major being the brexit, which came as an utter shock to everyone, making the real estate market a little sluggish. 

Secondly the imposition of stamp duty was a very disappointing step for the real state investors as well as the consumers making the market a difficult platform to do business. Adding to the above list was the most unexpected resignation of the British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron, leading to pound to it’s lowest financial value in last 31 years. These above incidents gave a blow to Uk’s real estate market and affected thousands of people. 

But this series of events didn’t stopped even till the year came to an end. There were things at the yearend which affected the market too. The alternation in mortgage and lending rules by the bank of England has significantly affected thousands of investors who have taken loan for buying residential properties, all financial leaders and institutions are taking a recheck on all portfolios of all money lenders. These series of events have completely transformed the real estate market. 

The coming financial year will also be a handful of surprising events for the UK property market which will go through many highs and lows. Brexit will also knock again. Those who wanted to sell their residential property to earn some return or investment are likely to face a loss from 0.5% to 2%.But don’t have a heavy heart there’s a lot more than this. As real estate always brings amazing changes which people have never thought of even in their dreams? So if there are down fall, then there are some amazing ups too.

If you own a property, before making any decision of selling or renting it, do a proper research on all the parameters that are related to real estate investment. As with a change in any one of the related factors you might get a different value for your property. And even you are renting it then, you can get a handsome amount every year too. If you are planning to buy a property at any place, then do check different plans of the Government in that nearby area, as it affects the market value to a great extent. So hope the above discussion might help you in making the best decision for your investment.