The most important thing for a woman is to look her best. In order to do so, she spent hours and hours of judging different outfits and makeup products, before she finally makes a choice. Women try to make the best skincare workflow for themselves. They try to add almost every element that could benefit their skin in one way or the other. They cleanse their face in the morning, and after applying makeup that has the ability to sit on their face for long hours, they do also use a toner. Even before going to bed, they cleanse their face again to wash out all the makeup and apply a night cream so their skin can rejuvenate. But the factor contributing to a woman’s beauty that remains mostly under looked is a serum. A serum has anti-ageing properties as it is packed with vitamin C and retinol. And there is no reason; you should not be using it.

This is how serum should be used

Once you have known its benefits, you need to choose a serum for yourself. The best serum [เซรั่มที่ดีที่สุด, which is the term in Thai] is the one which suits your skin better. A serum is only applied after you have applied other products on to your face. It is one of those final ingredients that help you in achieving your true beauty. If you apply a serum before you use other products on to your skin, you might get a shinier looking skin. 

Picking a serum that suits your skin:

It is always crucial to choose a serum by a well-reputed brand. It should be clinically tested and make sure it’s high on its ingredients concentration. The higher the concentration, the better the product is. Women with oily skin should choose a serum with salicylic acid in it. While for dry skin, look for a product that has hydrating proteins to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.