Music is one of the most influential forms of art. Likewise, the music industry serves as an influential avenue for musicians who were also cannabis advocates. Here are 3 deceased musical artists who promoted legalization of the plant:

Tupac Shakur

Celebrating what would have been his 48th birthday this month, Tupac Shakur (stage name: 2Pac) is one of the most iconic hip-hop artists not only in the United States but in other countries, as well. The mastermind for countless socially conscious rap pieces, 2pac is known as a cannabis legalization advocate. In an interview, the rapper used to talk about the calming effects of the plant saying, “If you are stressed, let us smoke a blunt.”

He was known to be an “anti-violence, pro-blunt” advocate, who encouraged the responsible use of marijuana.Sadly, he passed away on September 16, 1996.

John Lennon

To fans of the Beatles all across the globe, it does not come as a surprise that John Lennon supported the legalization of the plant. Known as ¼ of the legendary rock quartet, Lennon and the rest wrote a wide variety of songs including the seemingly cryptic, but definitely wacky I am the Walrus.

In an issue of The London Times published on July 24, 1967, the four members of the Beatles and the manager Brian Epstein chose to include their names in an advertisement showing a list of cannabis supporters. The ad talked about how alcohol is much more dangerous than the herb.

You may notice that aside from John Lennon (died on December 8, 1980), George Harrison (died on November 29, 2001)and Brian Epstein (who some considered as the fifth Beatle; died on August 27, 1967) also advocated for the plant. So, as Lennon sang,” you may say that he was a dreamer, but he definitely was not the only one.”

Bob Marley

Last but not least is Bob Marley, the iconic Reggae artists. From singing about the medical and recreational effects of cannabis to his son launching his own brand of marijuana products, Marley promoted the legalization of the plant. As a Rastafarian, he consumed the herb as part of his religious practice. According to him, “herb is the healing of the nation,” while alcohol is the “destruction of mankind.”

Marley died of cancer on May 22, 1981.

While these geniuses have passed, the fight for marijuana legalization continues. In fact, the cannabis world is seeing tremendous success in 2019 and it is expected to earn more wins in the years to come.

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