LinkedIn is, by far, one of the best social media platforms that can be used to connect business buyers with professionals. In the world of social media networks, LinkedIn is among the best platforms that embrace B2B social media marketing. Make sure you are getting help from a social media manager specializing in LinkedIn if you hardly know anything about the LinkedIn social media platform. In this article, we highlight some of the important reason why LinkedIn should be part of your online marketing strategy.

If you have a business, someone who does not know you well will check you out

People want to do business with people they feel comfortable with. LinkedIn is one of those places where interested buyers or potential clients will have to go to check out your profile or your business profile so that they can judge for themselves if they can trust doing business with you. LinkedIn is a platform that can help anyone to have an online presence that is on a professional social media platform. This social media platform can help move potential clients a step closer to an initial sale.

Get to Know what is Trending

LinkedIn is an excellent example of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). LinkedIn lets you track the activities of a client, a colleague, or a friend quickly. Through LinkedIn, you can know when a person has changed his or her job or get to know when someone is celebrating his or her birthday or work anniversary. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn have been developed in such a way that they let you know all the activities of your connections.

Traffic Building

Link building and traffic driving are among one of the significant strengths of LinkedIn. Just like other major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, among others, LinkedIn also has a sharing button that enables you to share your thoughts as status updates. These status updates are usually visible on your homepage or in the LinkedIn communities (groups) that you are a part of. Using status updates effectively for your business-related content can drive huge traffic to your business. Research shows that content that is related to business gets shared much more often via LinkedIn than on Facebook and Twitter—this is the reason why getting help from a social media manager specializing in LinkedIn is something that you should take into consideration.

Improve Reputation

LinkedIn is an excellent platform that can help increase your online presence in the world. There are more than two professionals that are always signing up to LinkedIn every second. Through LinkedIn, businesses get the opportunity to network with each other. By using the different features that LinkedIn provides such as LinkedIn groups businesses can represent themselves well to the outside market, thus improving the credibility and visibility of your business or brand.

Gaining and Listening to Insights

Another thing that you should get to know about LinkedIn is its ability to listen ask multiple questions and gain insights. This is the case for all social media marketing; however, LinkedIn does a perfect job when it comes to listening to insights.