Most people have heard that the use of asbestos causes various diseases such as lung cancer, stomach cancer, and others. These diseases can also occur in the human body due to many other reasons, such as pollution, poor diet, and others. In such a person cannot say at all that this disease is caused by asbestos in his body. There is a disease that is caused only by asbestos; there is no other reason to know it in the human body. According to medical research and all over the world, this disease is known as asbestosis, which is a very terrible disease. If you do not get asbestos survey London examined in your surroundings and at home in time, then you too can become a part of this disease and lose your life.

How the body reacts in asbestosis?

As you all know, before any disease, some symptoms come in our body, if we keep the time, then we will be able to fight against the disease. Today we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms that occur in our body when asbestosis disease occurs. With this help, you can easily produce a body in starting and avoid untowardly. 

  • Problems in the respiratory system-

The breathing system is the most crucial part of the human body that keeps it alive. Asbestos is made up of six types of fibers, which are even finer than a needle. This means that when it goes into your body through respiratory activity, you do not even know. For example- You can imagine that while building the house in which you live, asbestos was used in the material. As the house gets old, its walls will become raw and will start coming out like light powder. When it goes into the body through your breath, they go directly and attack the human lungs and make a woman on them so that they stop working, and disease like asbestosis occurs in the future. 

  • Swelling on the neck-

Many times it starts going around your neck and also creating a layer there so that a person can neither breathe properly nor leave it. In such a condition, swelling starts on the throat, and a strange pain starts. Sometimes it is also due to this that when a sufficient amount of oxygen does not reach the human body, then swelling begins on his throat and mouth. At the same time, then the patient breathes, and then with him comes a crackling sound. So whenever you have your swelling on the neck and face, immediately contact to asbestos survey London at your house and get his quantity checked of asbestos in nearby items.

  • High blood pressure- 

This is the first symptom of this disease because whenever a total disease starts happening in the human body, then he definitely sees the disease of blood pressure. Even under this, human blood pressure does not remain constant. It always remains high so that the patient feels like weakness and dizziness.