A few years ago, when cell phones were just a partition that allowed us to make calls, security measures were minimal, since there was no risk that confidential information could be stolen from us, so it was enough to press the “lock” key to prevent the phone from calling by mistake.

Today with smartphones, social networks, internet access and mobile banking, an authentication system was created to prevent malicious users from entering our information, and it is what we currently see as a PIN or unlock pattern.

One of the most common problems for users is forgetting the passwords to unlock Lg Stylo 5. Unfortunately, most users tend to be quite absent-minded and forget what their password is to enter their device, or they make the prank of changing their code, so we share a couple of tips to unlock their device.

Unlock mode with Android Device Manager

For this step, you must have the latest version of Android. This can be KitKat or Lollipop for newer teams.

You will have to enter your Google access data that you registered on your smartphone.

In the ADM interface, you will have to select the device you need to unlock, (this in case you have several computers with the same account). Then select “Lock”.

In the window that appears, you will have to enter a temporary password. It is not necessary to enter a recovery message. Now you click “Lock” again.

If you have done it correctly, you will be able to see a confirmation where the sonar, block and delete buttons will appear.

A password field should now appear on the phone in which you must enter the temporary password. This should unlock LG Optimus.

Once this is done, go to “Settings” on the phone’s lock screen and disable the temporary password.

Done, you can regain access to your device.