There are many types of poker games that people can play online. The rules of the games are different and people have the choice of playing either basic games or the advanced ones. The basic games are good for beginners while the advanced version is better for the experienced ones. Here are the ways of playing poker games like idn poker and players can win the game easily.

How to win?

The player who has the cards of the highest rank is declared as the winner. The winner is declared after the showdown is done. The winner can also be declared if a player makes the last uncalled bet. In such a case, a showdown is not required.

Dealing and betting

All the poker games start with dealing the cards in which a dealer deals the cards to all the players. The cards are dealt in a clockwise direction and betting is also done in the same way. After the cards are dealt, the following actions are to be taken by each player.


This is an option in which a player can decline the opportunity of betting. When one player checks, the other players can also check clockwise in that round of betting. The round is termed as completed if all the players check.


If one player has made the bet, other players also have to call the bet whose amount should be equal to or greater than the previous better.


This is an option in which a player can forfeit his cards. In this case, he will lose the option of betting or winning in the current round.


Players have the option of calling the bet if other players have made the bet in the current round. In this case, the bet of the calling player must be the highest.


A player has the option to rise if he bets the amount, which matches the highest bet. In this case, the other players can either call the bet or raise it.

Betting rounds

Online poker has many variants and each of them has different betting rounds. Some of the popular games like Texas Hold’em, IDN poker and Omaha have the same rules of betting. There are four rounds, which are pre-flop, the flop, the turn, and the river.


This round of betting starts when then the hole cards are dealt among them while the community cards have not been given.

The flop

The betting starts after the players receive three community cards.

The turn

The betting starts when the players get fourth community card.

The river

The betting starts when the players receive the fifth community card.

The betting round continues until all the players have done the betting or all of them opted for the check. After the completion of one betting round, the next betting round starts.


Showdown occurs after the last bet has been made. In this case, the players have to show their cards and the layer with the highest-ranking cards wins the game.