Can’t find that pesky installation disk? Many printers today have online drivers accessible for download and installation. The key is to know what to search, download and execute the installation. This blog will use the printer, for example, the Epson workforce pro wf 3640 drivers and installation for education purposes. This printer is great for small homes/offices and has heightened productivity and is beneficial to one’s office needs. Be sure to verify that your device is connected to the internet.

Follow these key recommendations below to ensure a successful installation.

Know your printer’s requirements. Most printers have an option to connect to your device through a USB port. In some cases, the drivers fail, and may need to be updated. For this example, this can be achieved through downloading the Epson workforce pro wf 3640 drivers here.

Examples of requirements include:Windows Xp, Windows Xp 64, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 or later; Mac os x or later.

If the device cannot connect the printer successfully through USB, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the printer. The Epson workforce pro wf 3640 driver can be installed with a driver update utility tool and can be updated automatically through the Driver Support download.

Once the Driver support utility has been updated, the installation process is prompted.

As mentioned above, there are several ways to install a printer without the installation disk.

Using USB cable on Windows, follow the on screen instructions when prompted, if not, search for the driver update online. Download, and update the drivers then follow the onscreen instructions when prompted.

Using USB cable on a Mac, follow the on screen instructions when promoted, if not search for the driver update online. Download, and update the drivers then follow the onscreen instructions when prompted.

Download the software from the internet, if the printer manual is still with the unit consult for specific instructions for the printer model, or the Epson workforce pro wf 3640, in this example.

Next, go to the printer’s manufacturer’s website and search for the printer model, Epson, then download the software. Wait while the software downloads, if using a Windows device, unzip the file, by double-clicking the file, and select “extract here.” If on a Mac, double click the file to open it. Set up the file, and connect to use the USB or WiFi capabilities. The printer is now installed.

If the driver is not automatically installed on the Windows or Mac device, open the control panel or system preferences, and click on Devices and Printers, click add a printer, and then select the printer to install.

What to do if there is no internet connection:

Download the drivers to a USB drive and then transfer to the computer the printer is to be installed on. The USB driver needs to have a memory of 200MB or higher in order to save the drivers to download the update. Connect the flash drive to the computer unit the printer is being installed on, and follow the onscreen instructions when prompted. In this example the Epson printer should be visible in your Devices and Printers list. Right click the printer and set it as a default printer, if this is the main unit the device will be printing from.

This posting is to provide education and useful information in installing a printer without an installation disk. Gone are the days of multiple CDs when with a few clicks of a button the printer is now connected.