The Simple Guide to Transferring a Domain to Another Registrar

Domain is a name that you buy with the help of a registrar and this name is unique to your website. The registrars, who are accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), are the legitimate ones. The domain you have bought from a registrar will be transferred to another registrar. Before moving onto the next one, it is necessary to make sure that the new registrar is also a legitimate one. There are quite a few reasons for which people choose domain transfer.


Security is always one of the primary focus points as everyone wants the visitors to feel safe while using the website. They should get proper access and it should never direct any other malicious websites. These things happen as domain name hackers hold a domain ransom for money. A registrar should provide domain name lock, which keeps the domain intact until the owner changes it. Whenever a change takes place, you will be notified.


Your new registrar must give importance to privacy of your domain name. make sure to do your own research and understand what you need to your website a safe one. The privacy agreement is something which every domain owner must thoroughly read. Make your own demands clear to the registrar before transferring the domain.

Customer service

One can get all the services under one roof with registrars offering cheap unmetered dedicated server. Customer service is one thing for which everyone should see. A host should never leave the side of the customer just after selling the products or services. A customer service helps to fix issues and provides necessary information to the customer. This service indicates towards the importance the business adds to the needs of the customers. Always make sure that the host have 24×7 customer support.