Asphalt pavement means any paved road which would be surfaced with asphalt. Hot-mix asphalt (HMA) is a mix of gravel, sand and stone. It is mixed together with the help of asphalt cement that is a product of crude oil. Take a look into commercial Asphalt services that are provided by Asphalt contractors Melbourne. You could easily reach out to them if you would like to get asphalt paving done on your premises. The investment would be less and with proper maintenance, the pavement would last for many years!

Three Hot Mix Asphalt Types

 Asphalt cement is a heated aggregate that is mixed and combined at a hot mix asphalt facility. The resulting hot mix of Asphalt is loaded onto the trucks to transport to the paving site. It is then dumped into hoppers that are located in front of paving machines. The mixture is poured and a heavy roller is driven over the Asphalt. The traffic gets restored once the payment has been cooled down.

 HMA Ultra-thin

 This offers a cost-effective and simple way to maintain streets and roads. It protects your investment. It is a hot mix Asphalt treatment that is designed specifically for ¾ inch placement. It was developed for solid payments by a structure that would show signs of oxidation, ageing or minor disintegration on the surface. If you use this, you could get a more beautiful and stronger payment that improves the right quality for drivers and reduces the traffic noise for the community.

 Perpetual Pavement

 This type of payment is a combination of the well-documented smoothness and safety advantages of Asphalt. It would also have an advanced multilayer payment design process. Routine maintenance could extend the useful life of a roadway to a longer time. Payments that are constructed and designed according to the perpetual payment concept would last for a longer time.


 This is a proven technique of construction that could turn a deteriorated concrete road into a base for safe, quiet, smooth and durable payment constructed with hot mix Asphalt. It reduces delays for motorists. It also allows construction when there is no rush or traffic on roads. Rubblization with assault overlay is a cost-effective rehabilitation method.

 Life Cycle Cost

 For the initial construction and long haul, assault payment could save a lot of money when it comes to maintenance and construction. The life cycle cost such as the money spent on road construction over its lifetime is lesser when the hot mix Asphalt is used compared to that of concrete.

 Thin Asphalt Overlays

Thin hot mix Asphalt overlays that are 1 ½ inch or less, are cost-effective solutions to preserve the payments primarily due to their ability to remain smooth and driveable. Let’s look into it in detail.


Motorists are bothered about smooth pavements. Asphalt could consistently provide a smooth driving experience and quiet ride the commuters might expect. Smart pavements help in saving fuel and saving vehicle operating costs. They last for a longer time and are smooth and easier when compared to concrete pavements.


Most of the drivers prefer smooth, safe and well-maintained roadways. This would make sure that there is ease in driving vehicles.