A Training table (โต๊ะ อบรม which is the term in Thai) is a very important part of professional and educational training. In a seminar or training, many people are invited and requested to learn from the program. Therefore, people come with their laptops, or necessary stationery items so that they could note down all the important points. A training table should have a large tabletop to provide ample space for a person to note down or type the necessary information. Also, it should have a place to store items so that a person does not have to keep it else were. A normal training table comes with height adjustment, retractable table and wheels at the bottom for mobility. Such tables also have a smaller table like unit below the desk to act as a space to keep stationery and other items

Build quality of such tables

Training tables are not meant to be ket at one place like normal office tables. It is used for training purposes and educational purposes. Once used it can be shifted to another room or storage area. Due to these factors, they are mainly built with metal and hard quality plastic or wooden board at the top. With a sturdy design, it also takes care of mobility with the help of wheels at the bottom. The overall build quality of a training table is good and will serve for a long time

Cost of a training table

Cost of a training table might depend on the type, design and the material used to create it. Normally, a training table would come under everyone’s budget, Apart from that wooden based and metal-based training tables are available in the market. If they have increased storage space, it may add up a little to the cost.