Every year a lot of students in India take up jobs in digital marketing field. The field is so vast and ever evolving that there are countless opportunities for people belonging to literally any field of work. There are a lot of institutes like ExcelR Digital marketing course in Pune. These institutes have great teaching staff and world class facilities.  

You can avail digital marketing course in Pune as some of the best institutes are located there. The following are some areas where digital marketing experts are heavily required.


  • Email marketing


It is a type of push messaging service under which employees have to follow leads or potential customers. A potential customer is tracked down and emails regarding specific products or services are sent to them. Brands can quickly reach their desired customer target very easily by using email marketing. The average annual income of an email marketing professional can be as high as $60,000 per annum. The following skills are necessary to have for an email marketing job-

  1. Segmentations
  2. Niche targeting
  3. A/B testing


  • Content writing 


Content writing is one of the most popular jobs in the field of digital marketing. Under this, an employee has to write informative, descriptive and interesting article that can attract customers on a website. These people create blogs, promotional articles, reviews etc. for clients. Nearly all the written information on internet is written by some content writer or the other. The following are a few requirements for a content writing job-

  1. English vocabulary and grammatical skills
  2. Curiosity
  3. Understanding of the audience
  4. Creativity
  5. Research skills

These were just a few out of various career opportunities in digital marketing field. Nearly all of these skills aren’t necessarily education oriented and you can develop it by yourself and still get the job. Digital marketing focuses on the talent of an employee and not their qualifications.

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