Even though many states are just legalizing marijuana, many if not most adult Americans have already tried it at least once in their lives already. Many, in fact, are regular users, and there is an established culture in the community.

Anyone who has smoked in a group before probably remembers a pleasant experience, much quieter and more relaxing than the typical crowd. In fact, the most common characteristic people think of when they think of smoking marijuana in a social setting is that sharing is a common custom.

Advice From Ms. Manners

According to Emily Post, the great-granddaughter of the legendary etiquette expert Emily Post, smoking marijuana has its own code where certain behaviors are considered polite, while others are considered rude. She agrees that sharing is the number one rule, and that failure to share cannabis joints while smoking within a group is a huge etiquette violation.

Ms. Post describes herself as a “longtime cannabis consumer,” describing her journey from trying it as a teen and still smoking it almost daily into her mid-30s. She has never kept her use a secret but instead has collected stories from other users throughout her travels. She has spoken to other new users, people next to her on planes, and people who are in the cannabis industry one way or another.

The Basic Rules

While no one would really say that there were strict “rules” that need to be followed, there are social conventions that are more polite than others. First, obviously, is sharing. Passing around cannabis joints in a group is something that has been done for as long as people have been smoking marijuana. If you are in a group, and you light up, you should share.

Second, it is considered very rude to waste weed. If the joint is burning, there shouldn’t be someone just holding it or putting it in an ashtray. If no one wants to smoke it right then, it is a simple matter to take the end off and save it for later.

Third, it is important to check with others before finishing a joint. While one person might think the joint is finished, another might still want to smoke the last bit. It is polite to ask if anyone wants the roach before tossing it. By the same token, many people like the first toke on a joint, when it first gets started, and like to be asked if they would like to be the first to toke on it.

Guidelines for Smoking/Edibles/Vaping

Ms. Post says the big thing about the differences between different methods of consumption is knowing when they will affect you. She says that edibles take hours to have an effect on her, so she warns people that there will be some time before she is there.

Nobody is going to write to the Manners Police if someone isn’t following their Marijuana Manners, but it’s nice to be nice, and the marijuana community offers some pleasant experiences.

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