Have you ever tried smoking from a bong? If yes, then you must have known the fact of how amazing it feels to smoke from a bong.  It just provides another level of satisfaction. The popularity of bongs has grown epidemically because of the modification and advancements in the water filtration system. It helps in making the whole smoking a much more amusing experience. Smoking from a bong is considered as the healthiest way to smoke a weed rather than using a vaporizer. Anybody can easily use a bong because there is no need for any specialized knowledge. However, it is always a difficult task to buy a bong because there is a large variety of bongs available in the market. The Hello Kitty bong is a straight tube base bong along with the ice carbs feature, which makes it a fantastic thing to buy. There are a lot of benefits to using a bong. If you are not familiar with them, then you should surely have a look at the points mentioned below.

Produce smoother hits 

One of the major disadvantages of consuming weed through smoking is that it can be harsh on the throat while inhaling. It always feels unpleasant when the hot smoke enters directly into the lungs. So, it is always better to use a Hello Kitty bong for smoking cannabis or any other herbs because it helps in cooling down the smoke in the bong water before inhaling it. Which ultimately results in the smoother hit. Thus, smoking from a bong is considered the healthiest way to consume weed because it provides you a seamless smoking experience.

Reduces the risk of bacteria

Bongwater helps in better filtration of any kind of germs and bacteria. It traps don the bacteria and mold, which results in the reduction of microbes you inhale. Weed smoker usually passes their joints and pipes to other people who are around them, which also gives the illness. So, by using a bong, those contaminants can also easily get filtered in the water. If you want to attain the maximum benefits from the bong, then you should always change the water between smoking. This will help in reducing the risk of any bacteria and mold to get in your lungs. You can also keep it clean and hygienic by using alcohol and Epsom salt once a week.

Better filtration

The water filtration available in the bongs helps in filtering out the unwanted tars so that they cannot reach to your lungs. It is very harmful for anyone to swallow the tarry chunks of ash because it can lead to many diseases. The Hello Kitty bong has the best water filtration feature, which helps in stopping the ash and tars particles from entering your body. If you want to have a much cleaner experience, then adding an ash catcher to your bong will be the best combination for you. It will keep your bong clean and functioning for a long time.