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In any type of clothing comfort is the first and foremost criteria that should be met first. Comfort is the basis for the development of clothes and garments in the first place. And if you are to point out the most comfortable clothing in men’s fashion for example then polo shirts are perhaps the best option. Polo shirts are one of the most common yet comfortable piece of clothing for men. Polo shirts are very much part of the modern culture although the inception of it dates back to the eighteenth century India. Polo shirts were first designed for players of Polo and later on it was used by other sportspersons like tennis and golf players. Polo shirts are thus one of the most important type of clothing in many sports. But in current times polo shirts are being used by different types of people including the working class men.

How polo shirts have changed in recent times?

Polo shirts in recent times have changed to a great extent. The overall design of polo shirts has remained the same however the fabric and color and other components have changed over time. One of the most important changes that has come to the fore in recent times is the development of printed polo shirts .  Polo shirts now come with different types of prints. These prints include monochrome as well as colored ones. There are also many instances where you can print different types of things on the polo shirts. This has led to the development of polo shirts as uniform in many parts of the world. Many restaurant chains have adapted to this particular phenomenon and are now offering the employees good quality polo t-shirts as uniform.

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Thailand has always been an important center for polo shirt manufacturing. And in recent years many online platforms are offering their customers the chance to actually custom made their polo shirts. This in turn has enabled the companies and brands to offer polo shirts as uniform as well. Online platforms like the 12tees also take bulk orders on custom made printed polo shirts. So make sure to buy from these platforms if you are in Thailand.