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According to the established tradition, the classic is the Moissanite Rings. The history of this tradition dates back to the middle Ages, when the diamond was endowed with unusual magical properties. It was believed that the most durable of all the stones would amplify the feelings of the lover and help overcome any difficulties in life. Interesting! The diamond is a symbol of infinite piety.

What should an engagement ring look like? Jewelry is usually made of precious metals, such as:

  • Pure gold;
  • Yellow gold;
  • Rose gold;
  • Platinum;
  • White gold;
  • Silver.

Unlike an engagement ring, an engagement ring is necessarily decorated with a precious stone. But not every stone is suitable. In addition to a diamond, an excellent option would be:

  • Ruby;
  • Emerald;
  • Sapphire;
  • Aquamarine;
  • Garnet;
  • Cornelian.

Note: The number of stones can vary from one to several pieces, depending on the design. By design, the rings are divided into three main types:

  • Classic;
  • Modernist;
  • Art design.

Engraving on engagement rings is currently in high demand. This is a very safe way to save an important message by hiding it from prying eyes on the inside of the ring.

Metal type

When you decide which ring you want to give your engagement to, it is important to decide from which metal to choose jewelry. It is worth relying on the personal preferences of the future spouses, as well as on the budget planned to acquire the main attribute of the engagement. Before the final choice, you must get acquainted with all the advantages and disadvantages of the metal from which engagement jewelry is made.

Red gold

Red gold is a recognized world standard. This metal has the highest purity (over 900). Modern jewelers use this gold mainly to make engagement and wedding rings. The main advantage is the ease of processing and the ability to take any shape. But there is also a significant drawback: the metal deforms over time due to its low impurity content. To avoid this, the gems increase the weight of the item to 10 grams.

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Yellow gold

The most common metal for engagement rings is yellow gold. It has two finishes 750 and 585. The disadvantage for enticing customers may be the typicality of this metal.

Benefits include:

  • Long service life;
  • Metal scratch resistance;
  • Large selection in jewelry stores.


Soon gaining in popularity in recent years, platinum is one of the most expensive and elite metals. The advantages of this metal include:

  • Endurance;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage;
  • High degree of purity;
  • Does not fade with time;
  • Does not cause allergies.

But at the same time, platinum is an expensive pleasure, so not everyone can afford it.

White gold

Externally very similar to platinum, white gold is either an alloy of nickel, zinc, silver and gold, or an alloy of platinum, silver and gold. When platinum is added to gold, the product becomes more durable, but the price increases significantly. White gold is a whimsical metal. Jewelry made of it should be protected from chlorinated water and abrasives.


It is the most practical choice for frugal and frugal brides. Mainly 925 dough is used in jewelry production. The only drawback when wearing a silver ring can be the tanning of the metal, but if you pay attention to the product carefully and constantly, it can be avoided. Silver rings are affordable and look great with precious and semi-precious stones. In addition, the metal is hypoallergenic and has healing properties.


When deciding on an engagement ring, it should be borne in mind most brides dream of purchasing jewelry with precious stones. Such a product looks original and beautiful. When choosing you must take into account:

  • Compatibility of metals with minerals;
  • Energy and value of stone.

From ancient times, each stone is given a different meaning and power.


The symbol of a pure and sincere relationship is a great choice. The diamond engagement ring is believed to symbolize a successful and lasting family relationship in the future. Diamonds go well with white gold.

Ruby red

Interesting! Paired with a diamond, it guarantees happiness and permanence of feeling. It symbolizes love and life. In second place in terms of strength, it is after the diamond. This stone will not allow the passion among lovers to disappear and will help resolve all conflicts.

Green emerald

It’s a symbol of strong and lasting ties. According to legend, if the newlyweds exchange rings with emeralds, their love will only grow stronger each year.


It makes lovers more tolerant of each other, brings peace and tranquility, wealth and harmony.


The Carnelian ring will serve as a real talisman of love, maintaining pure and sincere feelings between spouses.

There are no rules as to how many stones should be in the ring. It can be one large stone or several small ones:

  • The two stones are a symbol of the union of two souls in love;
  • The three-stone ring symbolizes the past, present and future of a couple in love.!

It wouldn’t be a good option for an engagement ring:

  • Pearls are a symbol of tears and sorrow;
  • Opal, which is believed to attract misfortune;
  • Diamond chips – a symbol of broken love;
  • Dark and black stones that bring negativity into family life.

Shape and types of cuts

There are three main types of cutting (facet, circle and cabochon), including over 250 variations. What shape the mineral will acquire depends on the type and size, hardness, purity, optical properties, and to a large extent on the professionalism of the jeweler:

Domed polished gem, the oldest processing option: The mineral has a convex shape without edges. They are used mainly for working with transparent and opaque inserts, as well as for achieving the “cat’s eye” effect. This cut requires good grinding and polishing to make the stone absolutely smooth;

Circle – traditional mineral processing. The standard cut is “shiny” with 57 faces;

Oval – this is one of the round cutting options. It is used mainly for processing large stones;

Pear cut has the shape of a drop with a smooth upper surface and side edges-wedges. Variants of this shape are considered “drop” and “briolet”;

Marquis” in the case of proper cutting, looks like a boat (shuttle) or seed with sharp corners;

Baguette” is a variant of step cutting, due to which the mineral takes the shape of a rectangle. In this cut, even a non-professional will see all the advantages and disadvantages of the quality of work of the master and the selected stone;

A square is also a variant of a step, but it has a square shape. Most often, stones of this shape are placed in the center of the decoration; Heart shaped incision one of the most difficult and expensive. It is often used in custom-made products.