Polo shirts: Why is their material so important? Find out here!


There aren’t too many technical details to understand about the Uniform [ชุดยูนิฟอร์ม, which is the term in Thai] golf shirt, yet it’s helpful to have an understanding of the type of textiles it comes in, especially its two major kinds.

Polos are offered in a selection of products from all-natural to synthetic. The last usually comprise the performance blends made use of in polos especially created for sportswear. Silk as well as silk blends are an option, yet are not advised, as they show your sweat quickly, lose their color as they become wet, as well as simply look rather tacky. Polyester or poly/cotton blends prolong the life of the t-shirt but are less breathable, more odiferous, as well as less expensive looking.

Given that polos are most typically a cozy climate staple, 100% cotton, with its cool, breathable, comfortable properties, is the most common as well as the majority of advised fabric for these shirts. Cotton polos come in two primary kinds:

  • The initial polo material, pique, is knitted in a woven pattern that lends the product a textured surface area. The material has some heft as well as thickness, yet the holes in the weave keep it breathable, as well as it withstands revealing your sweat. The sleeves normally end in a ribbed cuff/band. With a little bit more material as well as structure, the pique polo is a little bit extra formal as well as professional.
  • A jersey polo is made from the very same type of material made use of in t-shirts and has the very same level, soft, smooth, stretchy feeling. The sleeves of a jersey polo often tend to finish in an easy hem instead of a distinct band. Lighter in weight, the jersey polo is great; however, it will reveal your sweat more, as well as is less lasting. Its lightness as well as loosened up drape also offer it a more casual vibe.

Pique, as well as jersey polos, each have their own feelings as well as look; on the whole, I reach for the jersey kind for convenience and pique when I’m doing something a notch up formally.